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 The Wood Medical Practice

Our Clinics & Services


Diabetic Clinic


This clinic is run by Veronica Reid in liaison with Dr Crossland.  The clinics are on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning and are run mainly for care of patients on diet or diet and tablets for treatment of diabetes.  Patients will usually be seen on a yearly basis.  A letter will be sent inviting patients to attend. 


Respiratory Clinic


Avril Brown and Veronica Reid, our Nurse Practitioners provide a specialised clinic treating patients with asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease). Kathleen Walkingshaw, our Practice Nurse also provides an asthma clinic.  The aim of these clinics is to help achieve best symptom control with minimal medication.


Letters are sent out inviting patients to attend these clinics. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your asthma or COPD or treatment of them, Avril or Veronica can be contacted on the normal surgery number (01506) 771800.


Vascular Clinic


Avril Brown, Nurse Practitioner runs a Vascular Clinic to manage care of patients with heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Letters are sent out inviting patients to attend this clinic. These clinics are held on a Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon.


Women's Health Clinic


Dr Reid, Crossland and Earl can fit and remove contraceptive implants.  If you would like a contraceptive implant, please make an appointment to discuss this first, and to get a prescription for the implant as you need to bring the implant with you to be fitted.  Insertions take a normal 10 minute appointment, removal requires a 30 minute appointment.  Dr Reid and Dr Earl both fit IUD/IUS's.  If you wish consider this as a form of contraception you should make a routine appointment to discuss this first, then make a 30 minute appointment for insertions, having collected the coil from the chemist first. 

Smears are routinely done by Kathleen, the Practice Nurse, but can be done by a GP if required.


The practice Registrar may, on occasion, be in training at this appointment but patients will always be offered the option to be seen alone by the GP: the Registrar is, however, a fully qualified doctor, who will have often done some further training in gynaecology.


Antenatal Clinic


Our Community Midwife provides care and advice during pregnancy. Antenatal clinics are held every Thursday afternoon by appointment.


Child Health Surveillance Clinic


Assessments and physical check-ups are made on children when they are 6-8 weeks old in accordance with HALL 4 but we are happy to review children, where parents have developmental concerns. Parents/guardians should contact the Health Visitors.The clinic is held on Tuesday mornings.  You will be sent an appointment when to attend.


The clinics are run by the Health visitors and Dr Winney and Dr Crossland.


Immunisation Clinic


Courses of immunisation have been developed to protect your child from some serious infections which in some cases can be fatal. In only exceptional circumstances should your child not receive the immunisation. Advice regarding this will be given by your doctor. The Health Visitors, who run the clinic, will send you an appointment when to attend with your child.


Phlebotomy Clinic


We have 2 Phlebotomists within the practice, Caroline and Yvonne, who are trained in taking blood. You can arrange an appointment with them at reception.


Other Services


Community Reception - (01506) 771871


Anyone wishing to get in touch with the District Nurses, Health Visitors, Midwife, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist should contact the Community Reception on (01506) 771871.


Other services available within the Health Centre are :


Treatment Room Nursing, Dietician and Speech Therapy. We also have access to other services such as Clinical Psychology and Community Psychiatric Nursing.

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